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January Video

We're planting a church and keeping you in the loop...

Recent snapshot 

  • Launched: preview services...grand opening...charter service...growing

  • 29 people have joined the church

  • Over $5,000 has been sent out to missionaries and church planters

  • Remodeled the lower level into a fellowship hall

Special thanks 

  • 42 churches who regularly support the Oprzedek family

  • Harry & Becky Campbell who built a cross for our building

  • Kyle Denny continuing the basement remodel 

Special needs

  • Volunteers to help us finish tagging every door in Topeka with a flyer

  • A mini-bus with a handicap lift

  • Parking lot seal-coated and striped

  • Construction help with the north side of the basement

Capitol City Baptist is a church started out of Heritage Baptist Church with Pastor Scott Hanks of Lawrence, Kansas

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